By Iris Miller

Early in March the panic sets in:
Must make more pottery! Must fill the bins!
Wine chillers, fruit bowls, mugs and bread bakers!
Cheese boards, wine cups, and more garlic graters!
Yarn bowls and flower frogs, coasters and platters!
Filling the shelves for the shows is what matters.

Pieces are thrown, trimmed, and then glazed.
Kilns are in overdrive, we’re tired and dazed …
As the first show approaches the worries are high.
Will we have enough stock, will the weather be dry?
Alarms are set for 4:30 a.m.
We do it each weekend, then do it again.

The shows have a rhythm, an ebb and a flow,
The crowds wax and wane as the day’s hours go.
We smile at the customers and answer their queries.
(“Can I drink from this mug without any worries?”)
They buy up the bird-baths, the mugs and the bowls,
And pay us kind compliments, which feeds our souls.

And as summer passes the tents get a workout,
Keeping us shaded and keeping the storms out.
The bins get re-packed, more pottery produced,
As the 600-piece-average stock gets reduced.
For the final few shows the weather is kind,
Show-goers now have Christmas shopping in mind.

Then it’s December, the show season’s done …
We relax for a while and remember the fun.
We think of the customers and the items they bought
To put in their homes (an incredible thought!).
We think of the hard work, the bruises and aches,
The packing and wrapping and effort we make.

A more relaxed atmosphere exists for a while;
We enjoy our holidays with family, and smile.
Winter passes and then arrives spring —
Time to get busy and repeat the whole thing!
Make more pottery, re-fill those bins!
We survived the last year, we can do it again!

(Iris Miller – June, 2018)

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