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After 35 years in the corporate world, working my way up and sometimes down the ladder, with careers evolving from research to marketing to market research, your successes belong to someone else, and you rarely get to do things for the pure enjoyment of just doing it.

But now I’ve decided to focus my life on the things that provide the greatest degree of self-satisfaction and feeling of accomplishment.  To live a lifestyle where I have total control over the day’s events and my daily activities.  Now when I put in a 10 to 12 hours day, I leave my studio with a sense of achievement and not a sense of frustration and stress.

Over the years, I’ve dabbled in charcoals, oils, sculpture and various other media.  But it wasn’t until I started working with clay that I found a deep sense of satisfaction.  Once you master the fundamentals, the rhythm of the wheel, the transformation of the clay from a nondescript hump, into a piece of art or functional pottery, you develop a sense of pride that cannot be measured.  When you understand the clay enough to make it do what you want, rather than letting the clay drive the day, you can express yourself in your pieces, which makes it truly unique and personal.

My work is simple, functional and reasonably priced so that everyone can enjoy.  The real sense of accomplishment comes when someone admires your work enough to bring it into their home or share it with a friend or relative as a one of a kind gift.

Aside from sitting at the wheel and creating a piece of art, I get great satisfaction when I can sit with an aspiring pottery artist or just someone who has always wanted to experience the fun and spontaneous joy of creating something out of nothing.  I like to take the fear and complexity out of throwing clay and advance that into a sense of enjoyment and accomplishment.

I thank you for visiting and hope you tell your relatives and friends about the site.

Bob Cappelluti

About the Studio



Riverbottom Pottery & Artisans Gallery is the only place in all of Central Pa. where you can take classes, lease studio space, purchase all your pottery needs including glazes, tools, kilns, and wheels.  If you like, you can browse our Artisans Gallery where over a dozen local artists are displaying their crafts and artwork for sale.  Our unique collections of original artwork include pottery, jewelry, woodworking, textiles, sculpture, photography and original paintings.


We say good-buy to Winnie, she was our studio Berner. In typical Berner style, she enjoyed naps, accepting treats and the occasional pat on the head. Winnie was very friendly and welcomed all visitors to the studio. She will be missed dearly

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