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Interested in learning how to create your own unique pottery artwork, “Pottery Using the Potter’s Wheel” is where beginners and intermediate aspiring potters can explore all aspects of throwing clay on the wheel. Learn correct techniques for prepping, throwing, form, altering designs and glazing. Everyone is encouraged to work at their own level of expertise and comfort, while instruction will be provided to move you to your next skill level. With six (6) instructors, you will have exposure to different techniques and styles.  Classes are scheduled on a flex-schedule basis. Begin when it’s convenient for you to start your class. Choose from morning, afternoon and evening sessions, Mondays through Saturdays.

  • Ages:12 through adult

  • Includes personalized instruction, access to all studio equipment, bisque and glaze firing, and glazes. Each student will purchase clay (choose from stonewares or porcelains).

  • To check availability or schedule a session, please call the studio and ask for Bob

  • Fee: $180 for 24 hours / 8 weeks of instruction (each class lasts 3 hours per session)

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