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19 inch hand carved, hand thrown platter.
76.  Decorative Serving Platter
Round serving platter, temmoko gold glazing with imprinted center. Food and microwave safe.

75.  Decorative Serving Platter
13 inch decorative serving platter, scalloped edging and imprinted center. Sapphire glaze. Food and microwave safe.

74.  Large 14 inch Bowl/Platter w/Imprint
Large 14 inch stoneware piece. Can be used as a bowl or platter or as a beautiful center piece. "Bubble" imprint, glazed in a cream rust finish. Food safe.

73.  Xlarge 18 inch Scalloped Platter
Hand crafted 18 inch platter with a scalloped edge. Golden center with a jade edging. Food safe.

29.  Porcelain Deco Hand Carved Platters
Original, hand crafted deco, hand carved platters. Microwave safe, dishwasher safe, food safe.

$25.00 to $45.00
61.  Deco Platter - Sapphire/Burnt Orange Rim
Deco platter, sapphire/burnt orange rim. 13 inch. Microwave safe, dishwasher safe, food safe.

60.  Deco Platter 16 inch
Handcrafted deco platter, 16 inch. Jade and wine glazes. Microwave safe, dishwasher safe, food safe.

59.  Deco Platter Scalloped  - 13 inch
Scalloped deco platter - 13 inch. Cream and Orange/Rust glaze. Microwave safe, dishwasher safe, food safe.

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