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(C&M) Chemicals and Materials

(C&M) Chemicals and Materials

Riverbottom Pottery carries a full line of pottery chemicals and materials.  All products are market priced and available in 1, 5, 10, 25 and 50 pound quantities.  Please call ahead for pricing and to order chemicals so they will be ready when you arrive at the studio.


Albany Slip                            Frit 3110                              Plaster Pottery #1

Alumina Hydrate                    Frit 3124                              Plaster Ultracal 30

Barium Carbonate                 Frit 3134                              Plastic Vitrox

Bentonite                               Frit 3195                             Rutile

Bone Ash                              Gillespie Borate                   Ritile Light

Borax                                    Grog Medium                      Silica 325

Calcium Carabonate              Helmer Kaolin                     Silica Sand

Cedar Heights Redart            Iron Oxide Black                 Soda Ash

Cedar Heights Goldart

Cobalt Carbonate

Cobalt Oxide                          Iron Oxide Red                    Sodium Silicate

Chromium Oxide                    Iron Oxide Spanish Red      Spodumene

Colemanite                            Kentucky OM4 Ball Clay  

Cooper Carbonate                 Kiln Wash                           Strontium Carbonate

Cooper Oxide Black               Lithium Carbonate              Talc

Cooper Oxide Red                 Magnesium Carbonate        Tennessee Ball 10

Cronwall Stone                      Manganese Carabonate      Tile Clay 6

Dolomite                               Manganese Dioxide             Tin Oxide

English Grolleg                      Nepheline Syenite                Titanium Dioxide

EPK                                      Nickel Oxide Black               Willastonite

Feldspar, Custer Potash        Nickel Oxide Green              Yellow Ochre

Feldspar, Minspar                 Petalite                                 Zinc Oxide

Fireclay                                 Plaster Hydrocal                   Zircopax

Foundry Hill Cream               Plaster Hydrostone  

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