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DE202 Replaceable Blade Trimming Tool

DE202 Replaceable Blade Trimming Tool

SKU: DE202

The handles are beautifully balanced, textured at each blade end for grip, and made of recycled iodized aluminum for long-life use. Each handle is threaded at each end, which allows you to quickly interchange an assortment of shaped cutting blades (like an Exacto knife). A simple twist – job done. For proper balance and best performance it is recommended that you install a blade at each end of the handle.

The blades come in 6 useful shapes and sizes with more shapes and sizes coming in the near future. I’ve been using an assortment of blades for some time in my studio and am convinced that the blades will never need sharpening. (The blades actually sharpen themselves through use!) No more throwing away dull cheaply made tools that can’t be sharpened. You’ve got to try this tool!”
Handles: Made of recycled and iodized aluminum
5 ¼” length x ½” diameter
Blades: Brass and Hard Tempered Stainless Steel • Assorted shapes and sizes

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