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TM659 Sherrill Flexible Rib 2

TM659 Sherrill Flexible Rib 2

SKU: TM659

Measures approximately 3.88" x 2.5". Designed by potter Michael Sherrill, these ribs are made from a material known in industry as the "stainless steel of plastics" because of its wearing qualities.


  • Four different stiffnesses - Four different colors
  • Very Soft / Red: Great for compressing slabs, burnishing rims, chamois, and handbuilding.
  • Soft Flex / Yellow: Perfect for smoothing, burnishing, porcelain, throwing, and handbuilding.
  • Medium Flex / Chartreuse: Great for compressing bottoms, burnishing, trim marks, throwing, and handbuilding.
  • Firm Flex / Blue: Still flexible but stiffer. Great for high burnish and for larger work
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